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Foam Laminating Machine

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Foam Laminating Machine
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The foam laminating machine has the following advantages:
1. Applying water based glue/latex making the laminated materials bonded firmly and smoothly. It doesn't produce any harmful gas during running.
2. Equipped with durable high-temperature proof pressing mesh belt to make the new-bonded material attach completely to the heating drum, accelerating the drying process.
3. A layer of Teflon coated on the surface of the heating drum to keep it clean, preventing the material from getting contaminated.
4. High-efficient heating rods in the heating durm can heating the drum to 200 degrees in a short time.
5. High technology gas heating can be equipped to greatly reduce the electric consumption.
6. A durable glue scraping blade scraps the excess glue out of the glue coating roller to ensure glue coated evenly onto the material.
7. Length measuring device and rewinding device are installed on the machine.
8.Special specifications can be customized.

The foam laminating machine is mostly used for sticking foam rubber and cloth becoming a whole , foam rubber and needle sponge Ect 

It also has a extensive application in garment/apparel, carpet making, automotive interior, home textile, home decoration and many other industries.

Machine for connecting foam rubber and cloth

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