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2020-08-31 20:26:31

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A fabric that is popular in the fashion world will soon become synonymous with gaffes. As buyers begin to take a moral stand, designers are choosing more sustainable, environmentally friendly plant-based materials that are neither cruel nor flamboyant. From pineapples to mushrooms, leather is out of date. Charlotte Willis says turf is popular

Process: The top of the pineapple and the pineapple leaves are harvested with the pineapple. The long fiberises are hand-extracted by the local farming community and use a specially designed machine from Pineapple Leather. The fibers are then glued off and woven into a net, which is then rolled together. Any excess waste is used to make biofuels.

Quality: Pineapple leaf fibers are very similar to animal skins: durable, waterproof and breathable.

Where to buy: Excitingly, pineapple leaf fiber is one of the richest alternative fabrics on the market! You can find that it is used to make shoes, handbags and accessories. One of the top brands is Pinatex - visit for more information.

Process: Once the cork bark is harvested, the bare trees are marked as a one-year harvest and will not be stripped for the next 10 years. Although the process may seem destructive, cork oaks are very elastic - in fact, it can harvest more than 200 years every 10 years!

Quality: Cork is waterproof and easy to recycle. It maintains natural fabric quality with organic texture.

Where to buy: Cork is often used as a protective layer for laptops and smartphones. You can buy it from professional craftsmen, such as (shown below).

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Mushroom skins, commonly known as musk, are made from mushroom caps native to the oval mushroom genus of subtropical forests. Fungi wrap themselves around tree trunks for feeding and growth. The material grows at an hour-a-week rate, creating an area equivalent to a fully-fledged cowhide in just two months! Other mushroom-based leather substitutes are grown with mushroom filaments. Mycelium is a filament-like network that is distributed horizontally in the soil to provide nutrients for mushrooms.

Production process: Once picked from a tree, mushrooms are processed and processed in a similar way to animal skin, but it is biodegradable, natural, and uses non-toxic process agents. What you end up with is a strong, sewing fabric that resembles a texture of traditional leather and suede.

Features: Musk has completely biodegradable, waterproof, brown- and dyeing-absorbing, multi-functional, easy-to-sew, good breathability and so on. Mushroom skin is so unique because it has an incredible ability to prevent bacterial proliferation and growth. This is because the fabric absorbs moisture and moisture and is immediately released, like an ideal dehumidifier for shoes and boots. Initial research has also shown that musk is hypoallergenic!

Where to buy: This is an emerging technology, and few UK websites currently offer musk. This is set to change because this exciting new fabric has serious potential!

The continuous development of this innovative technology is the catalyst for the surge in the use of water jet cutting systems worldwide. Water jet flows are now commonplace in manufacturing, from small manufacturing plants that do one-off jobs to large-scale mass production facilities. The development of water jet cutting system includes the significant development of multi-head function and 3D part cutting capability.

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Contrast 2D and 3D cutting
The introduction of 5-axis or even 6-axis water jet systems facilitates the ability to perform complex cutting operations. Bevels, chamfers, welded prefabs, and angle holes can all be cut in 3D. Water jet cutting is no longer limited to flat workpieces. With a five-axis cutting head, precise cutting can be done on complex, uneven and asymmetrical materials.

While it is beneficial for a variety of applications, there are some nuances in the transition from 2D to 3D that must be considered before conversion.

Positioning. This is a critical first step in preparing to cut water jet components. Proper fixtures ensure that the material does not move throughout the cutting process, which is essential to maintain the accuracy of the part.

Pasting flat material to the water jet cutting table is a relatively simple process. The cutting table consists of several slats or grilles that span the length of the groove and serve as the basis for cutting. (Although slats are common in many water jet systems, grilles provide a more solid foundation for workpieces and double the number of fixtures.) Clamps are used to secure material to the foundation to prevent movement due to the force of rapids and stirring

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