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2020-08-31 22:06:21

sponge vertical foam cutter crumbing machine

China foam crumbing machine

Wood foam and metal sponges - can they be combined? The question of wood research expert Wilhelm-Klauditz-Institut WKI research project entitled "Bubble" - Home is a german acronym for the Wood Alloy-Fraunhofer Institute, where scientists study mechanical tools and modeling techniques, iWU, and the Fraunhofer Institute's Institute of Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Materials. As a result, the contrasting materials blend perfectly together. The new material combination has excellent insulation and low bend strength.

Today, sustainability is a key aspect of the development of new materials, with the main focus being to ensure that the materials in use come from renewable sources and that products are recyclable at the end of their useful life. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Wood Research are developing foam made entirely of wood. The natural adhesive properties of wood make synthetic adhesives redundant. From an ecological point of view, this makes wood foam ideal for a range of applications, such as the core material for lightweight buildings and laminates, as packaging materials, or for insulation or sound insulation.

To expand the application of wood foam, researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute, led by Dr. Frauke Bonzel of Fraunhofer WKI, developed a wood-metal foam blend that combines the properties of wood foam with metal sponges. During the project, they elaborated on the manufacturing principles of compositematerials and identified their initial key properties, making it possible to classify them with other materials. In subsequent projects, researchers will adjust the properties of composites based on the selected application. "For example, reinforcing wood foam with a metal skeleton can significantly improve its low bending strength. "In the case of household foam, the anti-bending strength of the mixed material is even greater than that of its two components. "This makes it the ideal core material for laminates, or as a self-supporting, lightweight, semi-finished material," explains Dr. Bonzel. "Another advantage is that, unlike wood foam, metal sponges conduct electricity. The excellent performance of wood foam material is high sound absorption performance, low thermal conductivity, is an excellent insulation material. Combining metal sponges and wood foams creates a lightweight blend of materials with higher functionality, a component that can be used to provide enhanced and absorbent sound. Therefore, this material is suitable for the automotive industry, for example, as an enhanced soundproof pad for the engine compartment or as a floor. Other applications are conceivable.

sponge foam machine Price

Metalworking machines are fast, powerful and accurate, but they are not always as capable as they are today. Modern equipment is more flexible, flexible and adaptable. These machines add up to more than the sum of their parts. They have active tools, multiple spindles, tool turrets, and multi-axis functions. They rotate and grind, drill and attack, drill and ream, and they do this repeatedly, fast and effectively.

They have evolved. They continue to evolve. The addition of laser technology is just the latest in a son-in-law of these evolutionary trends.

These devices, known to some as multi-tasking machines and by others as hybrid machines, feature laser technology, traditional metalworking equipment, and sometimes add-ons on one machine. They can grind metal in traditional ways and then use laser cutting, laser welding, repair and coating materials.

A machine can do a lot of work. One clamping means more process predictability. It may help reduce the cost of parts.

Sales vertical foam cutter

"The multi-use machines become more important because of their ability to take a complete part and minimize time to go from time to time," said David Fisher, a lathe product expert and mixer expert Okuma Corp., in Charlotte, North Carolina, "and these machines give us a lot of production flexibility." "

For most stores, seeking help with processing problems from preferred tool suppliers is nothing new. Sales people come to the scene to observe tricky operations and make recommendations based on the tools available to them. The result is usually, "Here, try this," and then suggest the tool, insert or knife holder inserted into the machining equation. Expect the tool supplier to have enough time to stay and work with the shop floor operator or manufacturing engineer until the proposed solution completes its steps and the results are documented. This approach can yield a number of benefits.

However, Sandvik Coromant says there are more opportunities for improvement than adjusting a single process.

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