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Low price rubber sheet roller making machine China Brands

2020-08-31 22:09:51

rubber sheet roller making machine

China rubber sheet making machine

Inspired by nature, Chinese scientists have created an artificial rubber similar to natural vulcanized rubber. Their materials are as tough and durable as the original. In the journal Angewandte Chemie, they reveal the secret to their success: the short protein chain attached to the polymer main chain ensures stable physical cross-linking and gives the material a "self-reinforcing" effect in the event of strain. It is easier to recycle than conventional rubber.

Natural rubber consists of a variety of elastic polymers, which are processed for use in tires, the automotive industry and rubber mattresses. Although some synthetic rubbers, or polyisoprenes, have the same main chain structure as natural rubber, sulfide natural rubber is significantly superior to natural rubber because of their significant increase in strength and hardness. The reason is a spontaneous "self-reinforcing" effect, i.e. the reversible hardening of the material under mechanical strain. This phenomenon is called strain crystallization. It is well known that the special polar components at the end of the polymer chain - non-covalent binding proteins and phospholipids - play an important role in this high toughness.

The functionalization of the chain end is a means to improve the mechanical performance of synthetic rubber, but there is no suitable synthesis method. Researchers led by Xu Yunxiang and Huang Guangzu of Sichuan University in Chengdu, China, have now discovered a technique. Using a catalytic system that has been established based on rare earth elements and a particularly stable precursor, they have succeeded in producing long-chain isoprene unit polymers with high-conforming smooth bonds in the main chain and a large number of polar hydroxyl side chains at the end. The idea is to simulate natural rubber by connecting biomolecules to these hydroxyls to provide a physical crosslink of polymer chains.

rubber sheet roller machine Brands

Inspired by the high stability and strength of the fib, the researchers selected a short polymer chain (oligopeptide) consisting of four amino acid alanine molecules. It is well known that this hypopolymenamine forms a flaky structure similar to an accordion, forming a hard component of silk, giving it strength and thermal stability.

Since the peptide chain and polyisoprene chain cannot be mixed, the peptide chain is prioritized to come together. This effect leads to the required physical cross-linking of the polyisoprene chain. The strength and toughness of the new synthetic rubber have been greatly improved without affecting the elasticity. In addition, the material shows significant self-enhancement through strain crystallization. Its performance is comparable to that of sulfide natural rubber.

The recyclability of these new high-performance polyisoprene rubbers has been significantly improved because conventional vulcanization is not required during this process. As a result, large amounts of recyclable rubber are dumped in landfills or burned at high costs, and the environmental impact may be reduced in the future.

Christoph Will Schwertberg, director of sales, also said in an interview on March 7th that Plastic News Europe said Engel would be more than 2017 in 2018 with results from several percentages, adding, "It will be positive, but we're seeing a diminishing global importance, " Although the change sits from one industry to another. "

Global statistics show that orders from machinery manufacturers are well below 2018, but this has not yet happened in terms of delivery times, which are still three to six months long, depending on the size of the machine.

Low price rubber machine

"My personal view is that without more bad signs, we will stabilize sales around 2015. The current high tensions between the United States and China have affected the mood around the world, leading to reluctance to invest.

In addition, Steiger believes that the Middle East region may have further negative impact on the world economy

He added: "I am not only talking about the sword of Damocles hanging over Iran's head, but also the proxy war that could affect the global economy." "

Due to the inherent advantages of servo technology, Beckwood also offers servo electric actuators as an option for all new molding equipment and up to 200 tons as an upgrade after installation of existing hydraulic machines.

Geoffrey Debuss, president of Beckwood, said: "OEMs like Beckwood face the challenge of changing the status quo as production facilities and assembly plants continue to increase efficiency. "Our new servo press products and retrofit capabilities are changing manufacturers' game play in high-precision and more 'traditional' hydraulic machine applications. "

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