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wonderful New Company Tourist Trip

2020-12-10 11:29:54

For the purpose of enhancing our team cohesiveness of our company, enriching culture and life of our employees, we arranged a company trip in Jiangxi province for two days from Nov,25th to Nov,26th

wonderful review

01. Visting our new factory in Jiangxi province -Jiangxi Kun Mianshun intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

The new factory has capacious space and superior geographical environment. 

Now we are stepping up construction and decoration progress, so that it can be put on use as soon as possible.

02 .Visiting Jianxi Dexinda intelligent machinery Co.,Ltd.

visiting and learning under the guidance of Mr Wang, who is in charge of Dexinda company.

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

Mr Kang , the general manager of Dexinda machinery was making a speech for us.

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

Mr Wu, the general manager of Hengkun equipment was making speech for us.

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

During this activity, all of us got warmly reception by Dexinda company. We learned many helpful knowledge and good experience which benefit a lot for our work and life.

03.Picking navel oranges and experiencing the happiness of farmhouse. 

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

Navel oranges in jiangxi has a special fresh and sweet taste, we enjoyed ourselves so much.

04.Team building activities, built teamwork spirit

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

05.Climbing Hanxian mountain to enhance team building. 

All of us wish our company reaches a higher level.

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

All the staff climbed mountain together. Because our solidarity, cooperation and mutual support, we finished all the team building task successfully .

Taking a group photo to mark the occasion

Hengkun Foam Cutting machine

Activity summary

Through two days traveling and studying in Jiangxi province, every staff in Hengkun company embodied their cooperation, teamwork, mutual support spirit. 

Everyone truly realized the wisdom of collective and the powerful of common work.

For our work in the future , we must innovate, share and contribute. 

Hengkun, will be harder and stronger in the future.

profession , integrity , innovation

Looking forward to your cooperation 

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