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Foaming Seated Machine (Manual Operation)

Foaming Seated Machine (Manual Operation) Manufacturers & Factory. We accept OEM custom products all made in China.

The foaming seated machine has  the following advantages : 

simple operation

high  efficiency 

Model  HSBF-11A/BHSBF-15A/B
Total Power 11KW15KW
Maximum Capacity150KG180KG
Mixing Speed0-2800r/min0-2800r/min
Machine Weight 11A:600kg  11B:750kg15A:600kg    15B:850kg
Foaming-bucket(ø450mm, ø500mm,ø550mm)2PCS
Machine  External Size(L*W*H)11A/15A:L1250*W650*H1100mm                                           11B/15B:L1380*W940*H3050mm

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