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  • 0907-2020

    Hengkun EPE Foam Cutting Machine

    11M Length worktable of Hengkun CNC EPE Cutting Machine...

  • 0401-2021

    2021 Happy new year

    2020 is over and this year gave us many bad memories . Misery will have an end . Believe next year will be a brillant year for everyone ~...

  • 1012-2020

    wonderful New Company Tourist Trip

    For the purpose of enhancing our team cohesiveness of our company, enriching culture and life of our employees, we arranged a company trip in Jiangxi province for two days from Nov,25th to Nov,26th...

  • 3108-2020

    The 45th CIFF in Guangzhou

    The 45th CIFF was delayed in Guangzhou from Jul.27th to Jul.30th . Very glad to meet our domestic customers . Because of the epidemic situation , foreign customers were unable to visit China and it is...

  • 1907-2020

    China CNC ring multi foam cutting machine blades Brands Price

    CNC ring multi foam cutting machine bladesCNC foam cutting machine blade PriceIn short, a laser is a focused beam of light that concentrates a large amount of energy in a small area. When this happens...

  • 1907-2020

    Buy Cheap rubber sheet rolling processing machine Low price

    rubber sheet rolling processing machine priceA fabric that is popular in the fashion world will soon become synonymous with gaffes. As buyers begin to take a moral stand, designers are choosing more s...

  • 1907-2020

    China polyethylene cnc foam cutter machine Low price Brands

    polyethylene cnc foam cutter machine priceFor Hackaday readers, it's clear that we live in a golden age of amateur tool accessibility. Cheap single-board computers are available at nearby RadioSha...

  • 1907-2020

    Happy International Labour Day

    Today is the international day . First Hengkun CNC send best regards to all the diligent people . With their hard work , our world can maintain clean and beautiful .Meanwhile , during the holiday , ho...

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