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CNC Horizontal Revolving Blade Cutting Machine

CNC Horizontal Revolving Blade Cutting Machine Manufacturers & Factory. We accept OEM custom products all made in China.

CNC horizontal revolving blade cutting machine is applied for furniture industry , automotive industry,process model ,cleaning products .

It can cut many foam materials such as latex foam , composite sponge(with cloths), memory  foam ,fire foam ,EPE foam ,rubber cotton ,fiber cotton ,PVA absorbing  sponge and so  on .

The cutting speed is very fast and high efficiency . The surface of the cutting material is very smooth .  There is few dust  during the cutting .

Two kinds of  blades :tooth blades and toothless blade . It can be changed at any time according  to different  requirements .All two dimensional shapes and simple three dimensional shapes can be cut .

Two kinds of working table : rotating table and conveyor for optional

All of the cutting  movement is totally  controlled by computer and  this will reduce large amount of human resources and improve the  production efficiency .

The CNC horizontal revolving blade cutting machine has the following  advantages:


●High Speed and high efficient production

●The cutting height  of the  machine  can be adjusted according to the processed products .

●Easy to change the machine blade in 2 minutes and low maintanence cost

●Installing the shapening device in order to shapen the blade at any time  

●CAD drawing and Automatic typesetting to save cutting material;Easy to operate and learn  

●Installing the automatic knife break protection .It can prevent knife from breaking suddenly 

●Main motor, servo motor and pneumatic component are all imported brand to gurantee the high-quality product . 

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